The FB one takes fine blanking to a new level.

The innovative hydraulic direct drive and radically new press design, combined with the new control platform, deliver unprecedented performance.

The FB one brings greater precision, speed and performance to fine blanking. It enables stroke rates of up to 100 per minute, shorter cycle times and outstanding repeatability – in conjunction with very high production speeds. Moreover, stainless and high-strength steels can be processed to excellent quality standards.

Welcome to the new world of fine blanking.

The FB one is based on a radically new press design.


Improved productivity with the new hydraulic direct drive

The innovative drive cuts power consumption while raising productivity.

Greater precision with the redesigned press

The press has been redesigned for far greater robustness. This has reduced springback in punch direction by more than 50 percent, and doubled the tool’s maximum tilting moment along the y axis. Traditional welded steel press frames are susceptible to cracks. These have been replaced by solid pillars with tie rods. The prestressed tie rods absorb the forces acting along the z axis, further reducing elastic springback. The more resilient design leads to longer press and tool service lives, and opens up new possibilities for improved tools.

Increased effective hydraulic diameter

The larger effective area of the hydraulic cylinder contributes to increased stiffness of mechanical press components. This offers greater freedom in terms of tool design and potential applications.

Reduced fluid column

A further feature of the new press design is the reduced hydraulic fluid column, which results in greater stiffness and faster main-ram response time.

Integrated pressure monitoring of the bladder accumulator

Timely detection of slow gas-pressure loss in the bladder accumulator minimizes production downtime.

Improved, more robust tool design

The enlarged tool space and greater effective hydraulic area, plus the optional use of additional hydraulic forces, create new tool-design possibilities. Placing the tool-space adjustment mechanism in the top bolster (rather than the lower bolster, as in previous models) results in a larger opening for installing tools. This makes the tool space more accessible, or alternatively, allows the use of higher and stiffer tools.

Benefits of the new design

  • Higher productivity
  • Greater freedom for designing new and improved tools
  • Longer maintenance intervals
  • Lower tool maintenance effort and costs
  • Longer press and tool service lives
  • Significantly higher tilting moments
  • Increased blanking precision and repeatability

„FB one is a more flexible
production system.“

Interview: Andreas Walther

The FB one is the most high-performance fine-blanking press on the market.


Processing of thicker and harder materials

The FB one’s significantly more robust mechanical design makes the fine-blanking process more controllable, reliable, versatile, and cost-effective. As a result, the press can process stainless and high-strength steels to higher standards, in conjunction with less breakthrough shock and higher stroke rates.

Greater process reproducibility

The use of the latest components and the associated technical improvements lead to a better, more reproducible process.
Enhancements include:

Position of scrap chopper on the strip skeleton can be adjusted
This prevents the generation of loose slugs during scrap chopping, increasing process reproducibility.

Reduced impact forces prevent damage to press
The controllable, optimized stripping speed of the v-ring and ejection speed of the pressure pad lessen impact forces when the piston returns to rest position.

Smoother infeed
The adjustable pressing force of the rollers enables precise feeding of the strip, with far less risk of damage to the material.

More precise timing of valve actuation
Cutting-edge control and field-bus technology enables more precise timing of hydraulic valve actuation, in conjunction with higher stroke rates. This leads to less variation in the blanking process and greater reliability.

Greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness

Enhanced process quality and technical enhancements lead to less downtime and higher system availability. This improves key technical and cost parameters:

  • Reduced costs per part as a result of shorter cycle times, higher stroke rates and greater process reliability
  • Lower capital expenditure as an additional eight hydraulic forces with a rating up to 300 bar can be retrofitted via internal components (no external 300 bar unit required).

The new FB one enables high-performance fine blanking.



  • Higher throughput, less downtime
  • Increased press availability
  • Lower costs per part

Radically new design

  • Stronger, more robust mechanical design
  • Higher-performance hydraulic direct drive
  • Process optimization via modifiable parameters
  • Use of more robust and complex tools possible
  • Integrated pressure monitoring in hydraulics

Greatly enhanced performance

  • Shorter cycle times, higher stroke rates
  • Improved repeatability
  • Increased fine-blanking precision
  • Extended press and tool service lives
  • Processing of stainless and high-strength steels to higher quality standards