Energy & ecology

FB one’s new hydraulic direct drive combines higher speed with lower power consumption.

For our new generation of presses, we re-engineered a large number of functions, and designed them to interoperate more effectively. The result is a high-tech production system with unprecedented benefits in terms of technology, processes and costs. The new hydraulic direct drive, optimized for blanking, delivers reduced cycle times and higher speed (strokes per minute) – in conjunction with lower power consumption, 50 percent less hydraulic oil, and greatly reduced oil aging. Energy savings ensure far more efficient production.

Welcome to the new world of fine blanking.

FB one’s enhanced technology means greater energy efficiency and less environmental impact.


Up to 30 percent lower power consumption

The innovative drive consumes less power for the same throughput.
All in all, FB one boasts higher overall efficiency (OEE).

Greater resource efficiency

The new press design with a two-level structure saves space and enables open, flexible layouts. This means enhanced performance despite a smaller equipment footprint.

50 percent less hydraulic oil

The innovative direct drive, in conjunction with the OXiStop feature, allows the press to operate with 50 percent less fluid in the hydraulic system and less entrained air, combined with fewer oil changes. Less entrained air means hydraulic oil ages more slowly.

Energy-efficient scrap chopping

The scrap chopper can be configured to match the strip skeleton design and enables energy-efficient cutting of the strip skeleton at the most suitable position (where perforated).
Additional hydraulic pistons are only employed when it is necessary to cut through the entire strip width.

„FB one makes fine blanking more
efficient and eco-friendly.“

Interview: Dr Stefan Etzold
Approx. 30 percent

lower power consumption

Approx. 50 percent

less hydraulic oil

Features and benefits of the energy-saving drive:


  • The ram’s hydraulic direct drive consumes significantly less power and requires less oil.
  • Faster cycle times mean higher throughput and higher speed.
  • Integrated suppression of breakthrough shock reduces wear on press and tools.
  • The adjustable pressing force of the inlet roller enables precise feeding of the strip, with far less risk of damage to the material.

The new FB one saves energy and space.
And is eco-friendly.


Higher equipment efficiency (OEE)

  • Up to 30 percent lower power consumption
  • Lower energy consumption for the same connected electrical load
  • Processes designed for high energy efficiency

More eco-friendly

  • Approximately 50 percent less hydraulic oil
  • Slower oil aging
  • Less frequent oil changes


  • Less space required
  • No foundation pit required

Eco-friendly hydraulics

  • Reduced ecological impact